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Lee (Accountants) Plymouth

"As a small business owner I've read and reviewed so many books about marketing.  The problem is that the vast majority bang on about techniques which realistically you'd need a small fortune to implement.  This book is the opposite, fantastic advice and tips that cost very little to implement.  Worth the investment."

Naomi (Metals South West Ltd) Newton Abbot

"Great read, good detailing.  Some common approaches with an intriguing twist that opened up my mind to some interesting angles for creating additional profits with a definite slant in favour of tradesmen and small business owners.  It's opened my eyes to some 'plug in and go' profit methods missing from my own business.  A well written book with lots of uncomplicated easy to follow tips and methods, already being used with great success.  Will be keeping for a good reference long into the future.  Highly recommended read."

Karl (Furniture Workshops Direct) Southport

"Times are hard, especially for the small business owner.  However, having read this book I now feel that we can thrive rather than just survive.  Some excellent advice and ideas, many of which we have already implemented.  Highly recommended."

A Step Ahead - Book Reviewer

"I purchased this book in the hope it would give me an insight into understanding how to run my business with greater efficiency.  I can say it has provided me with an insight into far more than I could have asked for.  The book is informative and has multiple examples of businesses and entrepeneurs that have an edge over their competition, which the author has highlighted to show how you can use their example to look at how you can run your business from another perspective.  I certainly found it to be a real eye opener and am very glad I purchased the book.

The author does not con you with flase dreams of how to turn your business into a million pound business overnight, but offers informative solutions of how to steadily make your business more professional and efficient, as well as how to increase your sales volume. 

I would recommend this book to anyone looking to give their business new life, or anyne who is just starting their own business, as the book involves not only large companies and entrepeneurs but also tradesmen as well which was a refreshing change to most books that focus almost solely on multinational companies."

Leon (The Gas Boiler Doctor) Exeter

"I think you're going to find this guide a bit better than you'd bargained for.  I have been testing out the strategies for myself and believe it or not I'm on track for my best year ever."

Tom (Queensbridge Ltd) Liverpool

"Even if you've been in business for many years, this new guide walks you through strategies and methods that will turbo-charge business profits for any tradesman and small business owner, and the best part is it's uncomplicated - don't miss it."

Craig (Sherdley Trading Ltd) St Helens

"A goldmine of priceless nuggets. I never realised how easy it could be to pump new life into any business and ethically crank-up the profits.  The essential bit of kit for every tradesman and small business owner wanting to massively up-their-game."

Dave, Chester

"Being in business for over 20 years it's true to say we all sometimes forget the basics which have brought the business to where it is today.  I've just finished reading a copy of 'How to Generate Massive Business Profits' and thought that the best 'thank you' I could give the writer was to at least do this brief review for him.

This is an easy read full of tips that you can start using straightaway.  I love the way my business works and after reading this book have made little adjustments that have already brought in 2 new contracts.  I've no hesitation in recommending this book to all small business owners."